How To Stop A Cat From Spraying

a cat with behaviour problemsCat’s spraying in the house is a relatively common problem and is one that is particularly unpleasant to deal with.

When cats spray, they emit pheromones to communicate with other cats, which smell terrible to humans. The smell lingers and can start to drive you crazy!

Once you realise that your cat is spraying in the house, it will be a problem you will want to put a stop to right away.

Here are a few highly useful tips that you can use to put an end to your cats nasty little habit.

Take a Visit To The Vet

First of all, it is a good idea to take your cat to see the vet check if there may be an underlying health condition that you are not aware of.

If this is the case, then the vet may well be able to solve the problem by helping your cats ailment.

If there is no sign of a health condition, then you will need to get your cat to stop spraying as soon as possible.

The longer it goes uncorrected the harder it will be to stop and the more your cat will continue with it’s unsavory habit.

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One way you can stop a cat from spraying indoors is to neuter your cat. Some people do not wish to do take their cat for neutering, but it’s often the top suggestion of vets for this problem.

However, you should be aware that this isn’t a guarantee. In other words, there is still a chance that your cat will spray even after being neutered.

It’s estimated that about 90 percent of cats stop spraying after being neutered. If you choose to go down this route, you can also add other prevention measures in the mix to be safe.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to neuter your cat you can try the other prevention measures by themselves.

Have There Been Any Changes in Environment?

Have you recently moved house, brought a second cat into the home or perhaps there’s a new cat in the neighbourhood that is coming around?

This kind of changes can make a cat feel insecure and therefore, feel the need to mark their territory. When a cat does this, it helps the cat to feel more at ease in their surroundings.

If there has been a drastic change in your cat’s world, then look for ways to minimize the distress of your cat.

Keep Your Cat Away From Other Cats

two cats fightingCats see other cats and immediately think to claim territory. While it’s a natural response, it’s a smelly one for sure.

Do you have other cats inside your home? If so, it’s important to get them to be friendly with each other as soon as possible. If one of them feels threatened in any way, then it is likely to start spraying. If you have cats that don’t get along, that isn’t good for your household.

Be sure to do everything you can to make them feel like they are welcome and part of your family.

Cats are creatures of habit just like humans. You don’t want your cats to be stressed out by their surroundings. After all, this is going to make them start spraying indoors. They need a routine for feeding, and they need to have comfortable places to nap.

Provide their areas for play and getting comfortable. Cats will roam just about everywhere around the house and nap in odd places, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to spray if you give them their space.

Calm Your Cat and Make Them Feel Secure

As you can probably tell so far, one of the most common reasons that your cat may be spraying inside is due to the poor little fellow feeling insecure, anxious or threatened.

Often, when a cat is stressed, they will exhibit inappropriate behaviours such as marking their territory, vertical scratching and other undesirable habits. However, cats are not always extreme when they are upset and can also become withdrawn, easily startled and needy. Excessive grooming and getting into conflict with other animals and humans can also be a sign that your cat is stressed.

The best way to ensure that your can does not suffer in this way is to get some Feliway. Feliway is a leading cat product for behavioural problems and works by soothing and calming your four-legged friend, so they begin to feel more comfortable and at ease in their surroundings.

Feliway emits a pheromone that has been scientifically tested to soothe and comfort cats, which helps them to feel more secure and also cope with changes in their environment.

Clean The Area As Soon As Possible

Cleanliness is also essential, not just for hygiene reasons, but because if you do not clean it soon enough, your cat will start to think it’s okay to spray and that you might like the odor.

In all seriousness, litter boxes have to be kept clean too, and cat odor needs to be eliminated. Show your cat that you’re not going to be tolerant of cat odor throughout the house, yet at the same time show them they are welcomed warmly in your home.

Sometimes certain health conditions can cause cats to want to spray urine more often. You might wish to consider the fact that it’s possibly time for a kitty checkup at the vet’s office. This way you will have eliminated that reason as a possibility and can focus more on other solutions.


All animals love to mark their territory, however when your cat starts spraying indoors it isn’t always just a territorial thing.

Cats mostly spray on vertical surfaces, such as furniture and walls. This can make the cleanup a little tricky and frustrating.

Therefore, it’s important to take the proper prevention measures now so that you’re able to stop the spraying from getting any worse.

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November 2017